Wednesday, March 25

I'm glad that I'm not the only person who just doesnt get Twitter. I find facebook status updates much easier to use, and actually the site a lot more interesting. The navigation in Twitter confuses the hell out of me, how do you find friends, it all looks so messy. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Man killed by curry : this is awful. Just goes to show that you never know what you're eating.

Thursday, March 12

Details of the perks of working at the International Charter have become available. The organization maybe one of the most influential business orgs out there, but seems to have its heart intent on becoming family friendly.

Employees have acccess to free onsite daycare, family days and it even provides a creche for the christmas party.

In addition to this fathers get 30 days paternity leave (instead of the bare minium of 10), mothers get a years maternity leave, with access to part time working. New babies also get mothercare vouchers to the value of £450.

This is the kind of thing other companies should be doing. They already offer free snacks and a bbq evey friday in the summer. Perhaps more of its clients should be doing the same.

Monday, January 5

Has anyone noticed that just can't seem to do ALT tags correctly? Any story you visit will have some nice photos, however the ALT tag is usually just the headline repeated! Why is this? Is the content management system based on Documentum or something equally rubbish?

Wednesday, January 9

It is almost hard to believe, as house prices head towards a slump, one of the main shareholders of Northern Rock, the bank that is almost going bankrupt is demanding the UK government pay four times the current shareprice to buy the bank. How insane!

Wednesday, January 2

Its almost stating the obvious, that Truste is useless, but still many websites bear the seal.
A growing number of people seem to have some very grave concerns about Facebook privacy and who can actually access your information. With people filling their profile pages with everything from our latest drunken escapades to their home phone numbers, the concern is that not many people realise just who is looking at their profile.

Sunday, December 30

Lexdon is reporting that Microsoft is forming a stronger relationship with Indian development powerhouse, Infosys. Im sure Im not the only one who has some big concerns with the level of quality churned out by the likes of Infosys and Wipro, and cant help wondering if things are set to get worse. Afterall Microsoft had a hard enough time turning out software without critical flaws when IT WAS paying its developers a decent wage.

Friday, December 28

Its almost becoming a joke now, it seems that companies are completely unable to keep their customers information safe. This comes as the news that Skipton, a UK building society has misplaced customer information.

The real question is why the government or whoever isn't fining these companies. Its probably because the UK government has admitted that its misplaced millions of records of data concerning parents, and child support payments (you know, that thing that you have to pay your ex-wife so she can by the latest xbox).
As well as being addicted to the web, I'm also a keen property developer. So I took great interested when RightMove, a UK property website completely overhauled its design, embracing Web 2.0.

In my opinion the site looks a lot clearer now, I did however like the layout of the old site with the floorplans etc all in the same place.

One problem persists however, and that is the fact that lots of estate agents seem intent on not putting up the full details of a property, and until this is overcome the site will never fulfill its true potential.